Bilocation preparation

Congratulations on booking onto the Bilocation workshop

This wonderful workshop will assist you on your magical journey of discovery.

Our First workshop will include starting right at the beginning…

And honouring the process of being a beginner in this type of work.

Practice ahead of the workshop: 

Find a small box or bag and place four small items into this bag. 

They can be any shape colour or texture. We recommend that each of these elements is quite different from the other. This will help with identifying each of them more easily. 

Sit at a table with your eyes closed and turn the box or bag upside down…

 NOW…  keeping your eyes closed throughout this practice, in your mind’s eye focus on the table in front of you. See if you can ‘see’ the table or the desk and the elements that came out of your bag or box. 


Can you see them and the order they fell ? Once you have a good idea of where each element has landed, keep that image in your mind and then open your eyes to see how accurate you have been. 

Keep trying this exercise. It is important if your ‘seeing’ is to be accurate. 


Dont stare too long. If you do your brain/ego could start interfering and it might try to take over. Don’t fight your ego/brain, thank it and ask it to step to the back and left of you whilst you do this work. 


NOTE: Don’t worry if you don’t get everything  right on the first try. The reason we do the workshop over 3 weeks is because we need to ‘practice’ bilocation. Just like anything, yoga, or spiritual work, the more you do the easier it becomes and the further you can go.



It is important to set the intention ahead of all of our work together. By asking for assistance from the right beings of light we can acheive greatness that we previously only dreamed of.  

I give thanks for the opportunity to be in this place of service to source and my bilocation expansion. I ask for the presence of the angelic realm, the Elohim and the Elementals. I ask for the presence of all beings of 100% light to assist me this day and I request the presence of the grid and matrix that travels with me for this teaching so that I am fully plugged in.
I request my own dragon assist me with this journey. Bring forward to me any information that I may need to fast track this modality. I surrender my body mind and soul to my dragon to ensure I achieve excellent results. 
I offer myself in service to source and I ask that all that the work I do at this time be centred in my heart. I ask that my heart and mind be unified. 

Ego, I respect you, I love you, I thank you. Please stand aside whilst I work on my bilocation connection. 

Now imagine your ego moves to the back and left hand side of your body. Your ego will become more and more adept at stepping out of your way to allow you to progress with this work. 




It is my desire now to experience my bilocation activation. I ask for the codes and the energy transmissions I need in order to make me aware of my ability to bilocate. I ask my spiritutual guide team to protect me and hold the space for me to receive this energy transformation. 


I request the assistance of the dolphins, whales, the serendipities the Unicorns, the Elhoim and Extra Terestials, light beings, known or unknown to me who may be available to join me here and now and to assist me in remembering and improving who I really am. Please bring in the highest optic of light energy into me to ensure that I can exceed the expectations of the true light channel that I was born to be. I surrender my service to source and I ask that Arch Angel Michael guides me to the places where I will be most useful. 


Dear Archangel Michael and your two mighty blue and gold dragons please protect me as you escort my ‘STUNT DOUBLE’ to a destination where I can be most useful.

Thank you. Amen

Remember to bring your small box or bag with 4 items to the workshop. We will practice this together as our first exercise. 

We will also be doing the Merkaba Level 2 before we start our work to ensure it is freshly activated. 

You can add the following program into your Merkaba: I program my Merkaba to assist me with the practice of Bilocation. Please assist me to accurately arrive in a place where I need to be. 


Prepare any questions you have ahead of our workshop to be answered on the day.