Learn how to open the Akashic Records

If you have already activated your Merkaba (energy body) then this program is right for you

Are you ready to access the Akashic Records?

Contact the Akashic Record keepers in the 11th Dimension

If you have already activated your Merkaba, level one and two, you may be ready to contact the Akashic Record Keepers...

Find answers to your deepest questions... and possible futures

The beautiful downloads come from the guides with help from ascneded masters and your own guides...

Access the high vibrational messages of the guides...

The messages are delivered in a joyful and loving way. There is no judgement from them, only unconditional love...


Join me on a live 3-part program via zoom!

I will assist you to access the akashic records and start the magical journey with the Akashic Record Keepers and Guides. 


It is essential that you have completed your Merkaba activation levels one and two. This will prepare your body, mind and soul to receive the very high-frequency downloads from the 11th dimension in a beautifully harmonious way. 

Book your MERKABA Activation here 


This program has been developed after working with countless intelligent, spiritual people, who are ready to access the records.

  • My programm will allow you to do away with all the uncertainty around maintaining a strong connection with the record keepers. 
  • Start or further your ascension process.
  • The 3-part program is just the start, as a bonus, we have created a community, a safe place, where you can share your experiences, ask questions and we even have 25 or more volunteers who you can practise on for free.
  • Join our team of akashic record guides on our website or you can start your own business. We offer as much or as little support as you need.

The 3-part program is just the start...
AS a BONUS, we have created a support community, a safe place where you can continue your journey.
Including access to over 100 volunteers where you can practice your new skills and gain the confidence in this magical modality.


Part one, two and three

The program includes 3 parts… 

  • Part one: Access the records for yourself

    Includes a 3-hour training video, complete with, 
    instructions,  exercises and a Q&A session.

  • Part two: Access the records for others
    Includes a 3-hour training video, complete with, instructions, 
    exercises and a Q&A session.

  • Part three: Access the records for others

    Includes another  2-hour session with others to practice on. 
    AND… access to over 100 volunteers to practice on.  Once you have completed Parts one and two, we will book a date in the diary to help you practice on other people. 
    PLUS once you have completed your 25 readings, you will complete a short interview and receive your certificate. 

3 part course...
As part of the course, you will access the Akashic Records for yourelf. Access the Akashic Records for Others. Access the records practice session and certificate.

Become an Akashic Record Reader

3-part program £995

Once you have activated your Merkaba, Level one and two… You are ready for the next level. Working with the ascended masters and sponsors of this magical modality. I will teach you how to access the records so that you can ask question for yourself or others.


Discover how to access the 11th Dimension. 

Which protocols to follow in order to receive a beautiful and reliable connection with your guides. 

How to Access the Akashic Records

A 3-part course designed to help you to connect with the Akashic record keepers and guides to receive answers for yourself and others…

Payment over 5 months is now available.


The Work will help you in your own expansion to a 5th dimensional vibration and beyond. 
Expand quickly and effectively with our step by step program to access the Akashic Records. 

More Akashic Record Readers are needed...
The record keepers and guides, tell me often that they are looking for more earth representatives... Are you ready to show up to do this magical work?


“Katherine is the most wonderful teacher to have on my spiritual journey. Her warmth, assurance and unconditional support, before, during and after workshops and Akashic records readings calm a lost soul and bring a lost soul home. My life changed in such a fast and positive way after meeting her and having her in my life. Can’t be more grateful! <3 ”

Anne W

Interview with Kavita

“Katherine is very thorough and I love that, the graphics were beautiful. From the very moment I met her, she made me very comfortable. – The workshop was very well thought out.”


Interview with Amy

“I think the workshops are structured really, really well, it’s not too long but was enough time. I love the process – the environment was so supportive and lovely, everything was easy to understand “


Interview with Lara

“It was all very magical, I felt straight away very much connected to it. – If I had a problem Katherine was always there to guide me and put me back on track!”