About Katherine Tack

My Story

Journey into the 11th dimension, to uncover why you might be ‘stuck’ and discover ways to start living your most magical life.

Since 2011 Katherine has been immersed in the area of mystical and sacred traditions. 

Known as the Abundance Mystic, Katherine is a prolific teacher and facilitator of spiritual knowledge for contemporary life. A star child with connections to the Paleidian star system, Sirius, Arcturus and a past life as an Atlantian, make Katherine a natural Akashic Records reader and resulted in her being granted access to this dimension that has been off-limits to most of humanity for many years.

Katherine is an extremely intuitive Akashic Records Reader. Her visions of her spiritual client’s soul vision astound her spiritual clients time after time and her ability to clear karmic and ancestral blocks to bring about positive change in a gentle and manageable manner. 

Today she is on a mission to mobilize the beautiful expansive souls of this wonderful earth. With a passion for creating community, credibility and joy and through her weekly YouTube videos and FB messages, Katherine helps spiritual souls to learn how to embrace their inner magician, remember who they truly are at a soul level and ignite their passions, whilst expanding their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual horizons.

Katherine is also the creator and teacher for The Akashic Business Guide Program, Founder of the Akashic Record Reading UK community & Author of Abundance-Magic.co.uk.

Feedback & Reviews

Reviews for training programs and workshops.

Katherine is the most wonderful teacher to have on my and our spiritual journey. Her warmth, assurance and unconditional support, before, during and after workshops and Akashic records readings calm a lost soul and bring a lost soul home. My life changed in such a fast and positive way after meeting her and having her in my life. Can’t be more grateful!

Anne Whang

Akashic Record Reader

These meditations really held me while I have honed my ability to connect with my higher self. Katherine is a sensitive and caring teacher and has held the whole group after the meditation as well.
I have made wonderful new friends,
 I have a new tool that is encouraging my heart ❤️ expansion and it’s so worth the time and intentionally that it delivers.
I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to have a tool to support their transformation.

Liz Calvert

Akashic Record Reader

Katherine proactively provides loving intuitive support on our journeys to connecting with higher self and unconditional love ❤️ Feel very blessed to have met her.

Judy Renucci

Spiritual Healer

My Mission and Purpose

It is my express intention to assist those entrepeneurs and magical spiritual beings who wish to evolve beyond their 3rd dimensional trappings, that they may achieve their purpose for the highest and best good of all. 

It is my passion and privellege to assist star seeds with their own spiritual journey. 

By raising your vibration we prepare your body mind and soul to receive the high vibrational information from the record keepers and guides in the Akashic Records.  

Many ask me why they cannot connect to the Akashic Records. 

The simple answer, is that if you are not ready, if your body is not in the right vibration then it can be difficult for you to recieve the high vibrational information. 

The program will supply life changing skills that you can apply to your  life and buisness. 

Discover what is holding you back at a soul level, work with me to uncover your blocks, raise your vibration and start living your best life. 

Need Advice?

Perhaps a 15 min conversation will illuminate if this programme is right for you.